A new gadget called the Openmix has today launched on the crowd funding website Kickstarter to bring a portable DJ mixer to the user looking for a budget device.

The device is basically an audio mixer that will allow the user to mix between two separate audio sources, which can include smartphones, MP3 players, tablets, computers and much more. There’s also an audio crossfader that will allow the user to mix music and create transittions. To play their new tunes all the user needs to do is plug Openmix into a sound system, along with their devices and then play the tracks they want to mix on the different devices.

The gadget will be made from ABS plastic, which means that it will only weigh 17 grams, and measure just 38mm x 51mm x 15 mm.

It also has two 3.5m male stereo jacks for plugging in devices, a 3.5m female stereo socket for audio outputs, as well as a 3.5m female stereo socket for audio inputs. The device will also include a 180-degree continuous stereo crossfader for low noise and volume drop-out controls.

To pick up one for yourself you simply need to pledge a minimum of $29 or more ($29 pledge has now run out so the next stage is the $34 pledge, which includes a lanyard, audio extension cable and a carrying case), for those outside of the US you will also need to pledge another $10.

You can also find out more about the Openmix by watching the video above, or checking out that source link below.

Source: Kickstarter

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