If you are looking for some more browser functionality then what Safari can offer the Opera’s new browser on iOS might be a good option, called Opera Coast it allows users to view a newsfeed right from the browser, removing the need to use a secondary application like Flipboard for example.

The app can also take advantage of Opera’s Turbo technology to make browsing faster on mobile.

Check out the video below for a quick look.

Opera explained more:

Download this exciting browser for iPhone. Experience the smoothest way to browse and get interesting news and stories from all around the internet. Opera Coast lets you navigate with simple swipe, touch and 3D Touch gestures. It makes websites look just as good as those apps you love. Thanks to its Turbo technology, browsing is fast and painless, even when your network is slow.

Whenever you open Opera Coast, you can dive straight into the latest stories and news from your favorite sources. Opera Coast takes the sites on your home screen and creates your personal news feed for the web.

When you need to look something up, you can spot it easily. Our search results aren’t a wall of text; they are visual.

You can also find out more about the new browser at the source link below.

Source: Opera

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