Today Opera announced their latest experimental desktop browser for Windows and Mac called Opera Neon, which is their take on what they think the future of desktop browsing should look like and after year’s of Chrome being the top dog, it’s about time to see some more innovation in this field.

Opera is trying to do just that with Neon, changing up how you browse the web by getting rid of the traditional browsing techniques and replacing them with new, forward facing ones.

At its basis, Neon is actually really interesting, changing the old tab structure into sets of bubbles and a simple interface, the browser works similar to how an OS would, using a desktop (that actually pulls your desktop wallpaper automatically) and a set of icons to open up windows, these windows are your browser tabs and then can be moved around just as you would with a normal browser tab, sitting above the desktop, you can sit two browsers side-by-side, control music playback from tabs in the background and pop out video tabs into their own always-on-top window.

There is also a sidebar on the left which allows you to control audio and video playback, access the inbuilt screenshotting tool, bring up your downloads and open up new windows/ tabs.

I used the browser for a bit earlier today and I am already quite impressed with it as a whole, it offers some unique features and a pretty enjoyable browsing experience that is most definitely unique to desktop browsing, however, I can’t see myself switching to it just yet.

For me to switch to it, it would need a few more additions such as plugins (I need 1Password at least) and some more work with getting a better responsive view for that dual-tab view.

That said, it is an experimental browser so there’s still time for them to work things out.

You can check it out for yourself at the source link below.

Source: Opera

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