If you spend a lot of your time on social networks then you might be interested in a new browser that Opera has unveiled today.

Codenamed “Reborn”, Opera used a lot of what the company did with the Neon browser that they unveiled back in January, as well as what they have been doing with the low-power mode and in-built VPN in their normal browser to build this new browser that integrates more features right into the browser.

The main feature of the browser is the fact that you can load in your favourite messaging apps right into the side of the browser’s window, allowing you to store quick links to messaging apps like WhatsApp and Messenger into a tab, click it and it will load a new window above what you are browsing, showing a full messaging experience for the messaging app that you chose.

To use it, you first pin icons onto the side of the sidebar, this can include a variant of your favourite social networks and tabs, including Telegram, Messenger and WhatsApp and then use these tabs to quickly share new things that you have found online or just continue an ongoing conversation.

On top of this, Reborn comes with a new design as well as some new icons, the ability to switch between light and dark themes, and control ad blocking.

You can find out more about it via the video and source link below.

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