Today is just another step for Orange to make their service as good as they can, and I’d have to say they have certainly done a good job, as they have just confirmed they have formed a partnership with the music streaming service, Deezer which will allow all of Orange’s Pay Monthly customers to access over 13 Million tracks as part of their tariff from today.

A service which is completely exclusive to Orange, with no other UK carriers providing anything like the service, Orange is certainly going to stand out from the crowd, in order to get the package you will first have to sign up to the premium desktop service, much like the Spotify iPhone app, after you have done this you will have full access to the mobile service, Mark Foster the Managing Director for the UK said:

“Deezer has always aimed to put fans in control of their own music – whether at a desk or on the move,”

“We’re delighted to be partnering with Orange to offer a truly flexible mobile music experience, and look forward to seeing all the tapping feet on the tube.”

But according to The Independent, Orange didn’t choose Deezer and actually wanted a deal with Spotify, (which is perfectly understandable) but neither could agree on a similar deal, becoming more interested in Deezer’s mobile conditionals. Instead, Spotify went to Virgin Media, who will be launching its own music service trough its set-top box, and possibly it’s paid monthly contracts.

Deezer is primarily a free service for 30-second music clips and radio stations, you can top this up to give you access to a full music library over your desktop for £4.99 a month, and to go mobile you will have to pay £9.99 a month, which I think may be a little steep, but what can you do.

What do you think? Is this service just a little bit too much to pay for? Do you use any type of music streaming service?

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