At the moment in the UK, Orange is the most popular network which it’s because of it’s awesome deals such as Orange Wednesdays and the new Orange Thursdays or FilmToGo, and pretty soon it will probably one of the most popular broadband providers, with its new unlimited home broadband from £5.

Of course, you will still have to pay for your line rental, which currently is £12.75, but even after this it is still the cheapest provider around by far, with Plusnet being the second cheapest at £6.75 per month, you may be wondering what £5 will get you, and in this case you get quite a lot.

For the tiny price of £5 a month you will receive up to 20MB download speed, (which will vary depending on where you live) as well as unlimited downloads, add another £5 a month add Orange will throw in unlimited calls to landlines at any time of the day, and the offers don’t stop there, as Orange will also offer their pay-monthly customers free access to over 200,000 hotspots across the UK, when signed up with the £5 deal.

This is a really good deal, currently, I’m paying £10 a month as well line rental with Sky with no extra add-ons like this, check out how Orange compares below:

Orange- Orange customers pay £5, non-orange customers pay £10 can add £5 for unlimited landline calls
Sky- For first 6 months is £5 thereafter is £10, Sky TV customers pay £7.50
Virgin Media- For first 3 months is £5, £13.50 thereafter with no extra offers or deals
O2- o2 customers get first 6 months free, and pay £12.50 thereafter, non-o2 customers pay £17.50
Talk- £7.25 for first 6 months, $14.50 thereafter
BE- £17, no extra offers or deals

As you can see they compare pretty well to some of the other providers out there, and is defiantly a provider I am looking into. Sylvain Thevenot, director of marketing and propositions for Orange Home, said this about the new service:

“Although financially times are tough, we believe that everyone should have access to the best value deals in the market, irrespective of where they live.

“That’s why despite other providers raising the price of their overall packages, we’re actually offering the best priced plans we can to our customers right across the nation.”

What do you think? Are you signed up to this broadband, what do you think about it? Are you going to?

Drop us a line or two in comments below.

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