A new smart lighting system was launched by a startup named Shade on Indiegogo this week, called The Orb, it is a circular smart light that can be controlled over Bluetooth in a pretty unique way.

Because it is a circle, users can control the direction of the light output around their space, with controls for the brightness and the colour of the light output.

This is all done through a companion smartphone app and a Bluetooth connection, through which you can also set a variety of moods and pre-set lighting conditions for different purposes such as reading or watching movies.

The Orb can also automatically adjust its colour and warmth output as the day goes on, offering bright light at the start of the day and slowly dimming as the day gets later.

And of course, this works alongside a multi-lighting solution, allowing you to sync and control your lights all at the same time.

The Orb will also be alongside the optional Slaatto S1 lampshade (pictured above), which was designed in collaboration with the Danish designer Øivind Alexander Slaatto.

The Orb itself will launch on Indiegogo for an early-bird price at $236, or alongside the Slaatto S1 lampshade for $713, which is pretty expensive for a lampshade, however, it does look pretty cool.

You can find out more about The Orb at the source link below, where you can pre-register for an early bird notification to get a bigger discount when it launches on Indiegogo.

They expect to ship products to backers in December 2017 should the campaign be successful.

Source: Kickstartshade

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