You may have heard Orbitsound before, there an amazing UK-based company who specialize in the creation of various speakers and home-cinema equipment , which is normally connected via wires, however today they announced the release of their new M series wireless soundbars, launching in March 2013.

The new M series includes a range of new features, but packs the same design as the company’s T series, with Bluetooth streaming and a wireless subwoofer.

There’s new Bluetooth buttons on the remote control and the soundbar that will allow you to control music you want to play over your Bluetooth capable device, there’s also a new “grab” function which will automatically play the most recent media from the paired device.

You can also pause and skip tracks with the remote and soundbar, the subwoofer is a 2.4GHz digital wireless system, with bespoke wireless technology that allows you to place the subwoofer several away from the soundbar.

On the back of the subwoofer there’s a volume control specifically for the subwoofer itself, there’s also a bass level control free the remote control itself. The system has also been tailored for a customised high quality, low latency receiver with delay of only 0.01 seconds, meaning that sound will be in sync with the soundbar.

M9 Split (Sub) copy lower res

The M series also features Orbitsounds all-new amplifiers for advanced signal control and more power, the ‘spatial sound’ field has also been optimised, and there’s new digital crossovers to allow for greater volume with less distortion.

The source, volume, treble and bass settings will also be saved when the power is disconnected.

The M series will include optical, AUX, speaker, AUX in and VID out RCA and 3.5mm jack cables.The system itself has been made from a high quality glossed, hand-painted wood, which are completely non-resonant, the grill on the front has also been made from metal, which is magnetically attached.

The new M9 and M12 soundbars will be available from John Lewis from March 2013 for £299 and £399 respectively, with other retailers selling units shortly after.

The M9  is sized at 90x300x100mm, with 2×2.5″ mid-high drivers, 1×1″ tweeter, 2×2″ full-range spatial generators, with a 200W total power. The subwoofer is sized at  140x230x345mm with a 6.5″ driver.

The M12 soundbar is sized at 90x600x100mm, with 4×2.5″ mid-high drivers, 2×1″ tweeter, 2×2″ full-range spatial generators and a total power of 300W. The subwoofer is sized at 220x220x340mm, with a  6.5″ driver

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