It’s not very often that you find a TV that packs a good set of speakers, due to them finding new weight loss schemes you often find that the built-in speakers can be lacking in a wide range of features, as such a lot of people often chose to add a soundbar or an entire surround sound system to their system, but why chose between them? Thanks to the Orbitsound SB60 Soundbase you don’t have to.

Designed to sit directly underneath your TV, the Soundbase can take the weight of a wide range of TVs (up to 55 inches in size) and features four 2 inch drivers and a single 5 inch down-firing integrated subwoofer, allowing for a sound that will provide bass as well as the feeling of surround sound.

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We tested the soundbar with a couple of TVs, one a 46 inch TV and the other a 32 inch, and we found no problems with the structural integrity of the Soundbase, and that’s something you will find out as soon as you pick up the box as the system is somewhat weighty.

The main problem with this is the soundbar also needs quite a lot of space, measuring 60cm across, 33cm deep and 8cm tall, so you might want to make sure your TV unit is big enough before you make the purchase (we found out the hard way and had to use our desk whilst testing).

At first you might also think that the subwoofer might cause a few too many vibrations and might wobble your TV a fair amount, thankfully we can confirm that’s not the case, and during our testing we didn’t notice any damaging movement from the TV. Alongside that the bottom of the bar didn’t create too much vibration either, however if this is a problem for you Orbitsound have included some dampener foam feet in the box.

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Setting up the Soundbase is as easy as you would think it to be, simply take it out the packaging, plug-in your cables and the device is ready to roll. There is also a swappable front mesh included in both black and silver, so you can match the Soundbase with your equipment, however only at the front as the rest of the unit is a gloss black finish.

On the back of the unit you will find inputs for an optical cable, stereo AUX cable and a 3.5mm input, each of which can be filled with a range of inputs and swapped between using the included remote.

It would have also been nice to have an integrated Bluetooth connection or HDMI input for other devices like smartphones or tablets, or even the laptop, but you could solve the Bluetooth connection with a third-party receiver, however the lack of a HDMI input cannot be solved.

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In order to provide the feeling of surround sound, Orbitsound have positioned the drivers on either side of the unit in order to make the sound you are inputting travel around the room, this is something that we found to work really well, and helped create the cinema feel without having to pick up a 7.1 surround sound unit, however we would have liked to see the option to add extra devices to the unit, as there’s no actual surround sound support within the Soundbase.

All in all however, the SB60 does perform well at a range of volume levels, and with the addition of a built-in sub you can easily watch various action movies without missing out on the dubstep intro.

Music also sounds great on the device, and thanks to its 200W output, the Soundbase can definitely pump out your music at high levels, however you will have to not that sometimes the output can sound a little distorted, but this is mainly only a problem when listening to high-frequency audio, and we only really found the problem when using the AUX or the 3.5mm port.

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The main problem we found with this device is controlling it, on the front there’s no indication of the level of sound you are currently on, or even the source that you are using, and on the back there’s only a volume knob that includes no indication of the level it has reached.

This is only topped of by the frankly abysmal remote control, which we found to be extremely small and very hard to use, buttons are often hard to use and when in the dark. This can however be fixed by using your inputs remote, but for some devices this may not be an option, so you often find yourself simply leaving it at a single level.

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All in all the Orbitsound SB60 Soundbase is a great piece of kit, especially if you are someone who doesn’t fancy having a ton of speakers lying around the living room, allowing you to access all of the bass and sound from your audio without having to spend a fortune on a full system.

However the SB60 is not without its problems, we found that it could have done with some extra controls, or at least a screen/ light to tell you what you are doing or the sources you are on, and on top of that we would have preferred it if the system included some type of Bluetooth connection, and even the addition of a port for HDMI inputs, however that last one is something we are willing to let slide.

The Orbitsound SB60 Soundbase is available now for £300.

Disclosure: Orbitsound sent us this product for review purposes.

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