it can be a hard task to allow your children to learn how best to control money, whilst giving them the right amount of allowance every so often. Thankfully there’s now a new option in the UK that will help parents do all of this easily, with the use of a card and an app.

The new service is called Osper and offers a new child banking service that has been designed for children between the ages of 8 and 18.

Once signed up a child can control the service via their own application, as well as via the supplied Mastercard, parents can then manage the child’s account and set up reoccurring allowances through their own application.

On the child’s app, they will be able to view real-time balances, and even find out how long they have until their next allowance will be sent.

If lost or stolen, either party can also cancel the connected credit card.

Osper is now available for free for the first year, after which they will charge the user a £10 yearly fee to use the service.

To find out more hit up the source link below, or watch the video just above the link.

Source: Osper

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