A new DIY instrument synthesiser called Ototohas ahs today been launched on Kickstarter, designed and created by a company called Dentaku from London.UK it allows its users to create any instrument thats currently available, or even create their own one by connecting cables to various materials of their choosing.

At the heart of Ototo is a small synthesiser that can be connected to any conductive material that you can find around the house. Alongside which the Ototo features a 12 key capacitive touch keyboard (1 octave), 4 sensor inputs, a 5V analog input, onboard speaker and a 3.5mm headphone output, all of which powered by 2 x AA batteries or a microUSB.

“Ototo is great for building musical projects without a computer but once connected via USB it can also act as a MIDI controller. This allows you to use the instruments and synthesisers on the computer using the touch keys as note inputs and the sensors as control messages. This means you can keep the flexibility of building with Ototo but expand your range of sounds by playing instruments in Ableton Live, Apple Garageband and many more. The best of both worlds!

Ototo has two sound generating modes: a synthesiser and a sampler. The synthesiser is a 2 oscillator wavetable synthesiser with an amplitude envelope, a modulation envelope, an LFO and a low pass filter. The sampler plays back short samples such as drum sounds from the flash memory with the ability to change the pitch of samples. The presets for the synthesisers are stored on the Ototo which you can cycle through by pressing the buttons.”

You can check out the project at the link below, or even find out more by watching the video below.

Source: Kickstarter

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