When it comes to iPhone or even iPad cases I am never normally a fan of the chunkier ones, I like the fact that my iPad’s portable and it’s great to keep it that way, but sometimes you just need that added protection of a thicker case and that is most defiantly where Otterbox’s Defender case for the iPad comes into play.

With not one, not two but three layers of protection the Defender defiantly does what it says on the tin (so to speak).

The first layer is the inner polycarbonate shell with a foam interior, this part helps to protect the front back and sides of your iPad from any scratches, with the built-in screen protector it will also protect against those annoying finger prints, although not quite touching the screen can become a little annoying in itself.

Second up is the out silicone skin, which helps to adsorb any impact your iPad may come into contact with, this basically wraps around the inner shell, covering all of the ports and buttons in its path.

The last and third layer is probably the biggest selling point for the case as it offers added protection to the front or back of the device as well as doubling up as a stand that can hold the iPad in four different horizontal and vertical positions.

The great thing is that on the third shell there’s actually a couple of magnets either side that allow it to work with the iPad’s close to sleep/wake function when on the front of the device.


On the back of the inner shell there is also a second screen protector that allows you to keep that precious Apple logo safe and still see it in all it’s glory.

The front of the inner shell as mentioned before, includes an in-built screen protector, surrounding it is the polycarbonate material which has been textured to provide a great grip when holding the device whilst in the case.

I found the addition of an in–built screen protector really awesome, it means you don’t have to go through that troublesome process of applying one and then finding bubbles or hair all over the front of your device.


The silicone case can then be placed over the first layer and adds an added layer of drop protection as well as a lot more grip to the case, this makes it so much better to hold and I actually thought this was one of the best features of the case.

The problem is all of the ports and buttons the skin covers, most of them I didn’t mind like the on/off button, volume rocker or the dock connector cover, but what really did annoy me was the covers on the home button, mute/ rotation switch and headphone port.

As they are on the edge of the iPad and or really small cut outs the covers for the headphone port and mute switch are incredibly hard to uncover, I found myself having to remove half of the silicone just to get to one port.

The home button cover is another annoyance and one that was a real deal breaker for me if I’m honest, the cover is well too indented meaning you have to use so much more effort just to press it, this would have been better it they added one that came out from the case, kinda like an outer belly button inside of an inner.


One thing that did redeem the case was the last cover, which can either be used to protect the iPad screen/ back of the iPad or as a stand to elevate the iPad when typing or watching a film/

The great thing is though, if you don’t want to use it, you simply detach and walk on, and when you do want to use it simply re-attach slide up the stand and you’re ready to go.

I generally take my iPad to a lot off places with me in my backpack, it’s great for train trips but the real worry is what’s happening to it whilst it’s in your iPad, did that knock on the door smash the screen? Are pens in the bag scratching the back? It really can go on and on and on.

And that’s why a case like this is really needed, for situations like one where you feel scared for the safety of your new tablet, however once your done with that activity you won’t be able to remove it easily, as the whole process is a real pain, I actually cut my thumb trying to remove mine.

If you want to protect your iPad then the Otterbox Defender iPad case is defiantly a great choice, of course there are other options for which I defiantly recommend the griffin Survivor case that we recently reviewed, review link here.

Just a note, MobileFun sent this case for review purposes, they have a great store for all sorts of products like this and a lot lot lot more, check em out.

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