According to sources speaking to the site, Pocket-Lint the Kickstarter funded OUYA games console will be available in the UK from March this year, after reaching over $8.6 million in funding the project is obviously trying to find new ways to spend that extra cash.

One of the ways that Pock-Lint says they will do this is by expanding their availability to the UK, now you may be thinking that you could have pre-ordered one during the pledging stage on Kickstarter and had it delivered to the UK, that is true but the console is still yet to be confirmed for actual release after the pre-order versions of the console are released.

The site claims that the console will be available in March for £99, which if purchased on Kickstarter would have set pledges back £61 + £12.95 in shipping, however they also mentioned that the company also be spending some extra dosh on development of a 3D version of the console.

To me there seems to be a little too much going on to be exactly true and I think the devil may just be in the details, for the full details hit up the source link below.

Source: Pocket-Lint

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