After teasing it yesterday, Blizzard announced that Overwatch will be getting a brand new Assault map that is set on the Moon called Horizon Lunar Colony.

Horizon Lunar Colony is the home of the GM gorilla hero Winston.

He grew up there along with other human and gorilla test subjects in order to study the long-term effects on life in space.

Shortly after the tests, the gorillas had an uprising on the Moon and killed most of the humans, cutting off contact between the base and Earth, until now.

Blizzard also teased that Winston isn’t the only subject on Horizon anymore and that a specimen named Hammond has been listed as missing.

This means that we might also see a new character, however, there are no details about that yet.

You can play this new Horizon Lunar Colony map on PC players today if you join the Overwatch Public Test Realm or the PTR server.

A console and primary PC server release haven’t been announced yet, however, we expect that will come in the next few weeks.

Until then you can check it out in the trailer below.

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