Black and white games have always enticed me since Limbo hit my screen I have been looking for other great-looking B&W games to sit with.

This month I caught wind of one of those games.

Called OVIVO, it was launched on the Steam platform this week, bringing a new black and white gaming experience that left me impressed by its frankly beautiful artwork.

I was let on to this game by its developer, Daria Chernova in an email that I didn’t reply back to until a couple of hours after, time which I spent procrastinating with this new indie game that I had to play.

It caught my attention almost instantly after spotting its smooth black and white artwork, complex design, and simplistic instructions.

Right from the get-go, OVIVO is pretty easy to understand, you play as a circular protagonist named OVO, who you must guide through the game’s two worlds (black and white) in order to gather up other similarly sized blobs and help solve a number of puzzles.

During your time with OVIVO you will see a range of images and symbols and that’s pretty much it. The game definitely pushes you into the deep end and forces you to work out what’s going on, which is actually pretty nice as it creates an experience that makes you feel as though you are exploring this world in real life, rather than simply follow instructions on a screen.

Thankfully, it is also pretty easy to work out. The controls are very natural and the gameplay is pretty easy to work out. Basically, you press the spacebar to move OVO between the two worlds and then use your left and right keys to transverse over the surface.

Of course, it would be extremely simple if it was just that so thankfully the game does have some other elements, changing the way in which the gravity works depending on the world that you are in.

The black world will pull you down and the white world will push you upward.

You need to take advantage of this to progress within the levels and to grab those blobs and collectables. This creates some pretty engaging gameplay where you are always looking to get to the next level.

And all of this ties in really well with the game’s soundtrack, which was composed by Brokenkites to enhance this experience further with some ambience.

It’s quite peaceful and makes the game a fantastic option to spend some time with.

Honestly, if you are looking for a quick game to play over the weekend that doesn’t require too much thought, but is still engaging enough to keep you playing for some time then you should definitely check out OVIVO.

You can pick up the game today for £5 from Steam.

Disclosure: The developer of this game sent us a review sample of OVIVO for the purpose of this review.

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