A company named OwnFone grabbed our attention today, as they are a new way of getting your grandmother our mother a phone that is simple to use as well as being customised to any design you chose.

The great thing about the OwnFone is how easy it is to customise, you start of with a basic phone template which you can modify to include whatever information you chose, the first step is to pick how many numbers you want on the front, which include 2 numbers, 4 numbers, 8 numbers or 12 numbers, which can all be customised with the name and number of your choice.

Every content you programme in will then be stored in the cloud, and will allow people who don’t really know how to use a phone to easily phone the people they need to, as there is actual numbers to dial there’s no chance of them getting it wrong.

Once you have the layout you can then pick the color and design, which ranges from pink, blue, green, orange, red and black, the color that you choose will then decide the pattern or image you can choose from in the next step.

The OneFone will also soon allow for your own photos to be added to the design, as well as Braille for the names, owners of the phone will also be able to easily update a contact’s phone number by simply calling the customer support line, to change a contact is a bit harder however as you will have to order a new decal to stick over the previous contact.

However these are not aimed to people who want a full-time phone, and are more for the use as a secondary phone for children or the elderly, I think this is a great idea however and cannot believe it has taken this long for someone to release something like this.

The OneFone is available today for £55, and can be purchased with talk plans ranging from Talk 50 for £7.50 a month all the way up to Talk 500 for £15 a month, you can find out more by clicking the source link below.

Also check out the YouTube video below, explaining a bit more about how they thought about the OwnFone.

Source: OwnFone

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