A team from Oxford University has today unveiled new technology that allows for internet speeds of up to 3Tbps.

To do this they use something called Li-Fi technology that takes light from fibre-optic cables and brings it into the user’s connection point in order to deliver incredible internet speeds, that Oxford University says could reach up to 3Tbit/s at its max.

Although the system is still in its early stages, the group of investors have already created a system that would be installed on the ceiling of a room, this would then project light to your computer, allowing data to be sent to a computer, and recieved from a computer.

The current problem with this is that the current version of the system requires a direct line of sight, which would mean that you would have to be in the same room as the base unit.

That said, the team from the university have already stated that they are working on a tracking and location system that will allow users to place a PC at any location in the same room as the base system.

However this kind of technology is definitely a long way away from your home, but it is certainly exciting to think about given that current Wi-Fi can only top at about 7Gbit/s.

Whilst you do wait for those incredible speeds you can find out more about the new technology at the link below.


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