It’s only been just over a month since Sniper Elite 4 was first launched, but already the developer of the game, Rebellion Developments has announced plans to launch a range of new paid and free content for the game from March 21st.

To start off with the paid DLC, it will include a three-part mini campaign that has been titled Deathstorm and will follow on from the events of the main Sniper Elite 4 campaign, the first of which will be playable solo and cooperatively and will be set in Northern Italy where a Nazi naval base has been subject to a bombing mission.

You will play as Karl Fairburne and you job will be to take out a German destroyer and the surrounding Kriegsmarine soldiers.

That will be the first episode to be released. The second episode will be released in late-April and the third will be released in May or June.

All of these will be available with the season pass or as a standalone download. Season Pass owners will also get the first expansion pack, which has been titled Night Fighter and includes three new weapons, night-time camo rifle skins for eight weapons and new male and female characters skins.

To top that off, a new multiplayer mode named Elimination will be released to all players for free and is a 6 vs 6 mode.

You can read more about all of it at the source link.

Source: Rebellion

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