Panasonic has this week announced that it is launching its new range of Smart TVs that are powered by Mozilla’s Firefox OS in Europe.

These are set to launch worldwide over the coming months with the following models: CR850, CR730, CX800, CX750, CX700 and CX680.

Thanks to Firefox OS, the Smart TVs have been optimised for HTML5, which will allow the TVs to provide strong performance of web apps, and even customise their user interface to their liking.

The interface also allows for quick access to the user’s favourite channels, apps, websites and content on a range of other devices.

And this is all expandable thanks to Mozilla’s WebAPIs, which will allow developers to create a range of apps for the TVs.

Masahiro Shinada, Director of the TV Business Division at Panasonic Corporation said the following about the launch:

Through our partnership with Mozilla and the openness and flexibility of Firefox OS, we have been able to create a more user friendly and customizable TV UI. This allows us to provide a better user experience for our consumers providing a differentiator in the Smart TV market.”

Andreas Gal, Mozilla CTO followed up with:

“We’re happy to partner with Panasonic to bring the first Smart TVs powered by Firefox OS to the world, with Firefox and Firefox OS powered devices, users can enjoy a custom and connected Web experience and take their favorite content (apps, videos, photos, websites) across devices without being locked into one proprietary ecosystem or brand.”

You can find out more about the Firefox OS powered Smart TVs at the source link below, the models and the pricing for those models will vary by country.

Source Mozilla

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