Panasonic has today announced a new Smart Home system that will be coming to the UK soon.

Designed to allow the user to easily secure, monitor and control their home with their smart devices using a range of components that all link up to a central hub using technology called DECT ULE.

Panasonic says that this will mean their system is more secure than those that use Wi-Fi, this i s because it cannot be detected when scanned for with any Wi-Fi device.

On top of this it also has a range of 300m, which is a plus.


Users can buy a range of components in kits with a starter kit that includes the hub, a window/door sensor and a motion detector for £129.99.

There’s also a more advanced kit that adds a siren for £159.99, and a monitoring and control kit that contains a hub, indoor camera, two windows/door sensors and a smart plug for £229.99.

Users can also expand their systems with individual elements, with a smart plug for £39.99, an indoor camera for £79.99 and an outdoor camera for £99.99.

Once set up users can control all of the devices from a smartphone or tablet, allowing them to remotely control the cameras, turn lights on or off, set home and away profiles or have an alert sent if someone does something like opening the door.

The Panasonic Smart Home system is available now through Panasonic’s online store and will be available in Currys from 17 July.

You can find out more at the source link below.

Source: Panasonic

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