Lets face it, devices are getting thinner, smaller and better but for how long can this go on for? Well it seems that the answer to that is not that long as today a clever set of developers have revealed their own paper-thin and foldable battery.

Said to be as thin as paper, Jenax’s J.Flex battery can be folded, twisted and even made into origami whilst still remaining fully operational, meaning that it can allow for thinner devices, and more bendy devices, something which we have seen with the rise of curved smartphones like the LG G Flex.

That said, a better application might be for wearable technology like a smart watch that can be wrapped around your wrist.

This could also be integrated into various other gadgets and technologies, like external speakers, mice, or anything that needs to be thin, bendy and charged.

And to top that all off, it’s also waterproof.

As you can tell we are very excited about this.

As of yet however we don’t know when we might see it in its final integration.

It has however been safety tested, and even folded 200,000 times without losing performance.

Via: Carphone Warehouse

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