A company named KAUST has this week revealed their plans to provide customers with a more affordable smartwatch option.

Generally, smartwatches can be somewhat expensive because of the materials used and the features that they include, however, the KAUST Paper Watch aims to change this with 3D printing.

At the moment, the smartwatch is still in its prototyping stage, but KAUST say that when it is released it will be a very thin and low-cost device that uses paper to create an unlimited number of options.

They say that it is capable of measuring a number of body metrics about the wearer such as body temperature, sweat levels, blood pressure, and much more.

Muhammad Mustafa Hussain, an electrical engineer at KAUST said the following about his plans for it to Spectrum, explaining how he wants to make a device that could be expanded via a disposable sensor that could be purchased from a pharmacy.

“I [have a] vision about an interface which will enable anyone to go to a pharmacy and buy a disposable sensor and insert it easily, this will give flexibility to innovators and consumers.”

He hopes that this will provide a much more accessible smartwatch that helps users to track their body.

Check out the video below for a quick look.

Source: Spectrum

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