Parrot has today unveiled its next drone that is aimed at the average user, called the Bebop 2 it is the successor to the original Bebop drone, featuring a bigger battery life, better camera and a faster motor.

Parrot say that the drone can last as long as 25 minutes from a single charge, a figure which is more than double the previous version, that had just 12 minutes. This comes in whilst still being faster than its predecessor with a max speed of 33 miles per hour, which is a lot more than the original’s 24 miles per hour.

On top of that it also features a 14MP fisheye lens camera, 8GB of onboard storage and image stabilisation that is done with its own software image processor.

Parrot say that all of this will be accessible to just about everyone, able to be flown via WiFi over an iPhone, Android or even VR device, it offers ease of use in what can be a confusing market.

For the VR Headset feature to work however you will also need the Skycontroller which will be available with the new drone as part of a bungle for $800, it basically allows you to attach a HDMI cable and USB cable to the headset.

Normally the Bebop 2 is $550 by itself. It will be available from December 14th.

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