A new patent from Apple has today been unveiled revealing details for a new mobile application that can be used to control and enhance the viewing of the Apple TV set-top box.

The new patent was discovered at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and is titled ”Browsing remote content using a native user interface”.

Apple Insider explained to patent further with the following few paragraphs:

“Unlike Apple’s current Remote app, which employs a bespoke UI tailored specifically for the iPhone or iPad, the proposed iteration would dynamically “size down” an Apple TV’s GUI based on semantic cues sent to the client device from a source Apple TV or Mac running iTunes. Using this method allows for a much richer user experience that moves beyond the existing digital reproduction of remote control hardware.”

“For example, the app can display a full Apple TV interface — or icon matrix — remotely, including media descriptions, posters, ratings, purchasing options and more.”

You can find out more about the patent at the UPTO website link below, as well as from the Apple Insider link.

Source: Apple Insider, UPTO

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