Earlier this year, Google announced that they were partnering with HTC to design a standalone version of HTC’s virtual reality headset.

That was back at Google I/O 2017 and unfortunately, that was the last we heard about the headset. Thankfully, today a number of patents were leaked ahead of the official launch with the name HTC Vive Focus, which is thought to be that standalone VR headset that was leaked earlier this year.

This headset will be a completely stand-alone virtual reality headset that doesn’t need a PC or anything else to run and instead it will feature all of the required internals built right inside, offering a fully wireless experience.

These trademarks were filed in Europe and in the US, so we expect that this will be a different version to what they unveiled in China earlier this year.

We think that this could be the headset itself because the fillings mention a “head-mounted display”.

Sadly, we don’t have any official details yet or any specifications about the headset itself, however, we do expect to hear much more very soon.

Google has set an event for October 4th, which is the date that we expect to hear more about the long-rumoured Google Pixel 2.

It is possible that this standalone Vive headset from HTC might also be announced for release during this release as well.

Of course, as we hear more details we will keep you updated.


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