Recently fans have been in uproar over certain Mass Effect 3 issues and tried to explain it all at this years PAX 2012. First of was replying to some of the issues that players had with Tali’s Face:

“In terms of what Tali’s face looked like and why it looked the way it was, we often use source art for many things within our game. In the case of Tali’s face, we wanted something to be photorealistic. We wanted the level of fidelity to be there. We wanted the color to be right,”

Mike Gamble also added that the Bioware team had poured a lot of pieces of source art in order to connect with Tali’s face, as much as Shepard, Liara, Miranda and Samara’s faces that were all based on real life women so why shouldn’t Tali have the same treatment.

After the Tali explanation, Mike Gamble continued to try to make angry fans who were upset about the DLC which you had to pay for on game release and finished with the main point that angered Mass Effect 3 fans, the games endings:

If you didn’t know yet Mass Effect: Extended Cut will be available with an expected summer release date, check out the article about that here. As well as all of that Bioware also added some more information about their newest DLC pack for Mass Effect 3 which is due for release on April 10th completely free of charge, check out more on that here.

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