The brand new Hitman: Absolution was first previewed a little while ago and has just been previewed again at PAX East 2012, this time with more focus on Agent 47’s toolset and the abilities available within the game. Within the game Agent 47 will be free to make his own choices (well your choices).This will allow you to the choose between either a professional or violent approach, either of which will take you down completely different paths.

Within the preview shown at PAX, IO Interactive shown how both options could affect how you play through the game starting with the professional approach, where they shown a demo of Agent 47 on a mission at an orphanage to save a kidnapped girl in a building which is filled with thugs and criminals and to show of the professional approach they shown how to navigate the level without firing your gun.

Obviously to do this you must have precise timing and precision, taking advantage of 47’s entire toolset. The professional approach will mean a lot of sneaking around, hiding bodies and hiding behind cover. This will obviously take a lot more time than the more violent method, but if done right can be more appealing.

Through the quieter play through you must also find tools which wont attract attention, this could include any weapon that could be used to render an enemy unconscious, such as a fire extinguisher. After which you can steal their clothes and dump the body in a hiding place, such as a wardrobe.

After the more patent minded play through they went on to show of my preferred method of play through the more violent method, this time instead of knocking an enemy out on conscious you simply kill team, and instead of distracting an enemy and sneaking behind them you shoot them, or ad in the preview you jam an axe in their foreheads.

But even though this mode is the more violent one you can still use things around you to help with your missions, this can include shooting gas canisters dodging gunfire and even freezing time to help you pick out targets, this method is defiantly in my view anyway the fun way of completing missions, and defiantly quicker.

This is defiantly a game I cannot wait to play, in which I will be playing through the violent method so I can reenact that awesome screenshot above, which method would you use?

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