Chances are at some point you probably played one of the Rock Band on one of your consoles, if you have you might be interested in looking at the new Rock Band Blitz game that was previewed at PAX East 2012 yesterday.

For starters the game is completely different to past games, as you will notice as some as you lay the game. Now instead of picking up your plastic instrument Blitz will require you to use your controller with a simplified two button format, requiring you to only use the left d-pad and A button to play the game.

Another change to the game is that now instead of playing as on instrument you can play as the entire band, this works by allowing you to switch instruments in-game with your right and left bumpers. As usual with Rock Band in order to maximize your score you must hit a number of notes in succession, which you need to do before the checkpoint as after which you will have to increase your multiplayer again.

The song list is more or less the same but with different tracks obviously (which will be sure to let you know about later), but the added feature to this is you can also import your already existing Rock Band library, which you can then use in Blitz. The songs in Blitz will also be available in Rock Band 3 by the way.

Within the game you will be able to earn power ups which will make it easier to increase your score quicker, a couple of these include the rocket which lets you to destroy uponcoming gems in the elected lane, another is bandmate which will bring on a computer to take over another lane whilst you focus on a separate one, and the rest or the same as previous games.

Rock Band Blitz will be released sometime this summer, let us know what you think about it so far in the comments below.

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