Square Enix announced the next title in the Final Fantasy series, Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, which is set to hit stores in 2013 and incorporate  “a brand-new story, world, characters and an enhanced gameplay system,” alongside Lightning being the main character.

There’s not much more details than that, but we do know that the came will take place hundreds of years before XIII-2, and will be set on a world named Novus Partus which is four islands connected by monorail.

There are some much bigger changes from XIII-2, the first is that Lightning will not only be the main character, but the only playable character throughout the game, alongside this there will be something called a doomsday countdown clock, which will countdown until the world ends in 13 days, giving you a set amount of time to complete the set missions.

There is also a new battle system, which will feature real-time elements such as direct control of Lightning during an attack move.

Check out the video below for more information, (I advice you turn on captions as it’s all in Japanese)

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