PayPal has today announced the launch of a new money transfer service that allows users to easily and securely send payments to a person or business through a URL, this new service is called and makes peer-to-peer payments easy.

All you have to do to get your own URL is register at, after which you simply choose a username that will be added to your URL, for example ours is When clicked the user will be taken to a dedicated page that allows them to pay an amount to the owner without having to go through the hassle of getting their PayPal email.

Users can also added a number to the url like and the form will automatically be filled with a £20 payment.

PayPal says that an estimated £3,2 billion of casual borrowings and debts between friends, family and colleagues remained unpaid last year, they hope that this will help people recover their money.

Whats more is that payments will incur no charges if the payee is paying from a PayPal balance, bank transfer or debit card, so you will get all of the money owed, however there is a small charge if they pay via a credit card.

Small businesses will be charged the normal fee however.

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