If you are looking to improve the audio output from your smartphone then you might be interested in COBBLE which is a new Kickstarter project that is looking for backing on the crowdfunding platform.

613d6440961f09d0a5de560d72960421_originalWhat it does is basically enhance the sound quality that comes out of your smartphone, in a portable, light and easy to use manner. Teicneo, the developers of the COBBLE also say that it is the world’s first portable amplifier that allows you to use the built-in microphone of your headphones, allowing you to control the playback of your media, make and receive calls and use the microphone.

The amplifier itself weighs just 1 ounce, and features a stylish metallic design that complements the design of devices like the iPhone.

Watch the video below for a quick look at the amplifier, you can also back it from the source link below, they are offering pre-orders for anyone who backs from $45 or more.

Source: Kickstarter

[Update] Changed the name in the article to reflect the campaign’s recent name change, which was due to the Pebble smartwatches trademark for the name.

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