Before today the BBFC was one of the company’s who were responsible for rating games, today due to concerns that there rating system was to similar to that used in films, PEGI (Pan-European Game Information) are to become the sole classification system to be used for determining what age certificate video games should be.

The new way of classify games comes with the aim to make it easier for parents to determine what titles are suitable for children, with easy to judge ratings ranging from 12, 16 and 18.

With the system it is now illegal for any retailer to sell games to children under the designated age limits and face prosecution.

12-years and over games will be classified to those with, “non-graphic violence to human or animal characters, a slightly higher threshold of violence to fantasy characters or significant nudity or bad language.”

Those with a 16-years and over rating will be rated, “if the depiction of violence or sexual activity looks the same as it would do in normal life. Drug and tobacco references also trigger the age limit.”

And the last classification is 18-years and over and will include, “a ‘gross’ level of violence likely to make the viewer feel a sense of revulsion.”

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