Twitter’s livestreaming service, Periscope revealed details about their plans to breach the confinement of a smartphone today, revealing a new feature for the app named Producer, which will allow users of the service to stream from other devices than the phone.

They revealed this in a blog post today, where they detailed how users of the service would be able to kick off live streams from a range of devices such as drones, connected cameras and more.

Just like they would from the phone, live streamed videos from any of these devices will show up on the user’s Periscope feed, however, that video will obviously be capable of being much higher quality, and will even allow for streaming from a computer or hardware encoders from software such as OBS.

They also provided a number of examples of how Producer has been used so far, one of which can be seen below.

Periscope has said that TechCrunch, Disney, Louis Vuitton, CBS 12, Telemundo and others have been betta-testing this new Producer feature over the last six weeks and now they are ready to roll it out to more users.

That said, Periscope will only be rolling this out to a subnet of users, given that it is a bit more technical than streaming from the phone, Periscope will be manually accepting users for the time being.

To start off with, interested users will need to fill out a questionnaire to be whitelisted to gain access to the feature. We don’t yet know if or when this feature will open up to all users.

In the meantime, you can read more about it at the source link.

Source: Periscope

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