Jessops is starting to make a come back on the UK high street, after Peter Jones has re-opened 30 of it’s previously closed stores, alongside the launch of a brand new website, after acquiring the brand shortly after it entered administration earlier this year.

The store re-openings will start with London and Birmingham, moving to Manchester, Aberdeen, High Wycombe and St. Albans over the Easter weekend.

Jones said this is all in a move to stay competitive on pricing, and that the street based stores will come with the same great pricing you will find online, for which they will have a presence in too, with now re-open.

“We’ve got a real chance of making it a success… The big thing about Jessops is the fact there is not another retailer in the country that has such experienced passionate staff when it comes to camera equipment sales… That makes a big difference.” Jones said in an interview with Sky News, “We have to keep it lean and mean.”

So, do you think Peter has what it takes to keep Jessops on the high street?

Source: Sky News

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