For a number of years, Peter Moore has been the face of EA, especially during the E3 event, where Moore is one of the most recognised faces in the entire building.

However, that won’t last much longer as it was today announced that he is leaving his current role as Chief Competition Officer at Electronic Arts, and the games industry as a whole.

But although he won’t be promoting and helping to create sports games, he will still be involved in the sporting industry.

That’s because Liverpool Football Club (LFC) also made an announcement.

Peter Moore will be taking the role of CEO at the Liverpool Football Club, which he has been a vocal supporter of for some time now.

He will complete this move to Liverpool and begin his duties in June, meaning that we probably won’t see him at EA’s Play event during E3 this year, which will be rather strange.

Here’s a clip from last year’s show to help with the nostalgia, in which he also exclaims his support for Liverpool:

LFC explained more about the move at the source link below.

Source: Liverpool Football Club

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