After the new trailer for Dark Souls II was released at the VGA’s this weekend there has been a large amount of attention for the game. Following in the footsteps of its massively acclaimed predecessor it is set to be an amazing game, with over 1.5 million units sold on PS3 and Xbox 360. Earlier in the week we shared information about the announcement as well as a trailer. We can expect to see Dark Souls II to be released on all major consoles just like the first, obviously including PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. As yet there is no information to suggest that the console will be coming to the Wii U which has been released just in time for Christmas.

However there is a petition to get the game on the Wii U. This petition to Namco Bandai has reached over 3,000 signatures and counting clearly showing that there is a fair amount of interest towards getting this game on the Wii U as well. We have this sort of petition before with the original Dark Souls in which the public petitioned for the game to be made on the PC and it was approved after 44,000 people petitioned within 48 hours of the petition being released. The main interest of the game being ported onto the Wii U is that it is an affordable consoles compared to the alternatives and offers free online play unlike Xbox 360 which requires Xbox Live Gold to connect to the internet and play online.

‘I can see many ways that the WiiU could benefit the game, such as managing inventory on the touch screen without having to obscure the player’s vision on the TV (the Souls games do not pause, so you must be able to pay attention at all times).

The affordability of a WiiU console compared to a gaming PC, and the free online play compared to Xbox Live fees on 360, make the WiiU version ideal for anyone who does not have or want a PS3.’ – Quote from the petition starter.

For those of you who missed it here is the trailer for Dark Souls II from VGA 2012, enjoy:

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