Philips has this week announced a new TV, called the AmbiLuz it uses a special projection system that uses nine pico projectors to extend the TVs display unto the wall behind your TV.

The television is 65-inches and uses a built-in Ambilight projection system to project the onscreen image, motion and colour onto the rear wall surrounding the television, this is upgraded from the pervious system that used LEDs instead of projectors.

That TV shown a coloured light around the screen that matched the image, but the new version upgrades this with projectors for a better image extension.

And thankfully because this is all wrapped in a super-thin bezel design to make it look sleek.

And if you use Philips Hue you can also connected your other lights to show the same light throughout the entire room for a 360-degree experience.

There is also an Amiblight Music Mode that creates a light halo that reacts to the dynamics of the music that is played through the television, working with Spotify, music played through a USB and via a music channel.

Colours can be chosen individually in this mode, or randomized in party mode.

The TV will also use Philips’ processing technology to upscale images to UHD, as well as the Android operating system to allow access to a number of apps.

Release date and pricing have not been announced.

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