At IFA 2015 this week Philips has announced its latest wireless surround cinema speakers, called the E6 Fidelio it joins its Izzy multi-room system.

Following on from the E5 system, the E6 uses the same wireless technology to beam music around a room with either 2.1 or 5.1 surround sound all without wires, a system that Philips call Surround on Demand.

To provide more on demand for its surround, the E6 Fidelio range now offers Google Case integration for flinging content from a smartphone or tablet, as well as integration with Spotify Connect for instant music streaming.

In terms of what it actually does, the E6 system includes two 40cm tall front facing speakers that feature detachable top sections that can be used elsewhere in a room for instant surround sound.

This means that you have a 2.1 system for TV shows as well as full 5.1 surround sound when you need it.

The E6 also has angled 2-inch drivers that are dedicated for the centre channel for enhanced voice clarity, with full HDMI 4K pass-through capabilities.

The E6 will be available at the end of 2015 for €900.

Philips Izzy

Philips also announced that Izzy multi-room system which uses Bluetooth to connect a smartphone or tablet to allow for playback from another device.

The speakers also allow users to play through one speaker or via a “group” to play on all of a user’s speakers at the some time.

The Izzy system will consist of the BM5 compact speaker which has two 2.5 inch drivers and a bass port, and the BM50 which has two 2.75 drivers also with a bass port, radio and USB playback.

The Izzy BM50 and BM5 will be available in Europe from autumn for €280 and €129 respectively.

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