Philips has this week announced the launch of some new bulbs for their Philips Hue system.

The bulbs have been updated from Philips’ previous versions, with new white ambiance that they have designed to help you sleep and wake up more naturally.

To do this, the new Philips Hue bulb will have every shade of white light, allowing them to dim gently to help you drift off to sleep, or brighten up naturally in the morning to help you wake up.


This new white ambiance mode will come with a new Routines feature in the Philips Hue app, which will control these sleep and wake features, with a number of different modes to set how you want to wake up or sleep.

There’s also a new Nightlight light recipe that will deliver a low level of light whilst reducing blue light exposure, which should help you sleep better. There will also be other recipes for work, reading relaxing and more.

Chris Worp, Leader of Philips home lighting business explains more:


“Light impacts us both physically and emotionally, we experience this every day when waking up and going to sleep.”

“With Philips Hue white ambiance, we want to give people control of the impact that white light has on their wellbeing at home, particularly around day to day routines. By having every shade of white light at your fingertips, you can choose the perfect light you need to feel better, whether you want an energizing light for exercising or a dimmed nightlight for winding down to sleep.”

You can read more about the new bulbs at the source link below, the new bulbs are set to be launched later this year in both Europe and the US.

Source: Philips

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