This week Philips announced a range of new gadgets that will work with their Hue Lighting System.

Probably the most interesting new addition is the Philips Hue Motion Sensor, which will allow users to control their lights with movement.

The Sensor will connect to the Hue Bridge wirelessly, and requires no extra wiring for power as it takes batteries. This means you can place it pretty much anywhere you want in your home.

Once you have found a spot for it, the Motion Sensor will connect up to your complete Hue installation, allowing you to adjust its motion detection capabilities from the app.

Within those settings, you can choose to enable a number of actions that should take place if it detects motion, such as turning the lights on.

It can also detect when you leave the room and turn the lights off for you. It is also capable of changing the type of lighting for the time of day, as well as being able to turn you lights on/off depending on the time of day.

Users will be able to connect up to 12 motion sensors to a bridge, allowing you to fully automate your house’s lighting.

But that wasn’t all that Philips announced. They also unveiled some updated bulbs.

These include the Hue White and the Color Ambiance A19, which now come with more vibrant greens and blues.

Philips also unveiled two new  Philips Hue White Ambiance bulb extensions, the BR-30 and the GU-10.


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