Philips have today launched the Fidelio and Fidelio S2 in-ear headphones during CES 2013 at Las Vagas which will carry the already existing Fidelio brand with the same sound signature that has been refined through research.

The new headphones will include 13.5mm neodynium drivers which Philips say will deliver deep bass with a balanced and natural sound profile.

The S1 headphones or the budget model of the two made from an aluminium enclosure with a selection of tips, and will be available for €99.

However there is a set that come with a few more premium features, the Philips Fidelio S2 which come with a copper alloy housing that is both lightweight and durable,.

The S2’s have also been engineered to reduce any unwanted vibration and feature a multi-layered diaphragm driver from damp resonance at high frequencires.

There’s also a selection of tips included that include two Comply Foam Tips and five sizes of the normal silicone tips.

You get a selection of tips, including two Comply Foam Tip, as well as the normal silicone selection in five different sizes.

The Philips Fidelio S2 headphones will cost €149.

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