Today Philips unveiled a few new audio products that come with an interesting feature.

That is the ability to light up a set of LEDs in sync with the music that you are playing back through the speakers or through the headphones.

The first of the audio products is the NTX400, which is a 100W speaker that provides the ability to playback audio over Bluetooth, Line-in via USB or even a CD (yup, they do still exist). On top of that, it features a number of LEDs that will pulse in time with the music that you are playing for a larger audio/visual experience.

The NTX400 also features a dedicated ‘NX Bass’ button for increasing the bass response of the speaker.

Nitro headphones

Interestingly, Philips also included LED lights in the headphones that are within the new Nitro audio series.

They will also light up in tune to the audio that you are playing back, but it is rather strange as you can’t see it, obviously.

The headphones include the on-ear HX50 model and the HX10 in-ears, both of which will include this LED lighting, which are powered by a separate battery that has been built into the headphones and is said to last up to eight hours.

All three of these new audio products are available now, the NTX400 is priced at £399.99, the HX50 is priced at £49.99 and the HX10 earbuds have been priced at £29.99.

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