Philips has this week unveiled a brand new monitor that comes equipped with their Ambiglow Plus mood lighting.

Sized at 27 inches the monitor features a Moda design that is combined with the Ambiglow lighting system to provide a more immersive viewing experience, it will do this by synchronizing the lighting with the images that are displayed on the monitor.

Philips explains more:

The Ambiglow Plus Base creates mood lighting for every moment. Users can set colours to suit their preferences – energising blue in the daytime, for instance, a warm glow in the evening or a magical mood at night. And if users are spoilt for choice, they can simply let the display cycle through the colour spectrum. With the timer settings, the Ambiglow Base also turns on automatically in welcome or to wake up with and turns off automatically at night.

This means that those who are looking for an extra bit of colour around their computer setup will simply need this display, no more do you have to attach a variety of LEDs onto your walls, just place the monitor on your desk and you’re done.

The Philips 275C5QHGSW/00 will be available early next month at a price that is expected to be around £280.

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