Philips have today announced a new set of docks that will once again allow you to play your music from your iPhone or iPad without one of those silly Lightning adapters.

All of the docks will be available this month and include a wide variety for you to choose from the first of which is the Portable Docking Speaker which has been made with the sole purpose of fitting in your bag, allowing you to take it with you almost anywhere you go, the speaker features Philips’ wOOx technology for a rich and deep base and comes with a built-in rechargeable battery that will apparently last anywhere up to eight hours.


Next up is the Philips Urban Micro System with features including Apple’s Lightning Connector to hook up your iPhone, a CD Player and a FM radio, the whole thing comes in a tower design which you can see in the image above and provides 50 watts of audio power.

If you prefer there’s also the Philips Lifestyle Music System which includes a retractable Lightning dock, CD player and FM radio with 20W RMS of audio power, this also comes in a more traditional design (pictured above).


Out of the four the Philips Room to Room Docking Speaker probably has the smallest design, but don’t be fooled as it also includes a set of neodymium speakers that provide a high quality sound, all in a round design.

The last of the four is the Philips Bedroom Docking Speaker which  through a circular podium can provide a 360 degree sound to fill the bedroom with sounnd, thee clock will even automatically sync with your iPhone’s clock for an always correct time.

The speaker also includes a USB port on the back that allows you to charge another device whilst one is docked.

There’s no news on when or for how much these speakers will hit the UK but we will let you know when we do.

Source: Philips

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