Today the Pi-Top returned within a brand new version of their laptop product for the Raspberry Pi. It’s still called the Pi-Top and is a modular laptop that is the successor to the similarly named product that they first released on Indiegogo back in 2014.

This is pretty interesting because it allows you to transform your Raspberry Pi computer into an all-in-one solution that allows you to use your Raspberry Pi as you would normally but with a complete laptop solution that builds out your Pi with a screen, keyboard, and a trackpad.

What makes the Pi-Top particularly interesting is the adjustable keyboard, which slides along the rails on the sides of the Pi-Top in order to gain easy access to your Pi and add new components and accessories.

You can also run a custom OS alongside it called “pi-topOS: Polaris”.

To top that off, the Pi-Top features a 14-inch display alongside a 1080p panel and a trackpad at the bottom centre of the keyboard.

Sadly, all of this does come at the price of $319.99, which is pretty expensive.

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