With only 300 people picked for Valve’s beta test for their Steam Machines box, not many will get the chance to ever see one of these devices, thankfully a user by the name “SteamMachineBetaTester” has posted some images on Reddit and Tumblr, documenting their unboxing of the machine, and picturing the console itself.

Packaged in a well-padded wooden craft, the device doesn’t look too far away from an average desktop PC (minus the blue ring light on the front), with a USB recovery drive for Steam OS, a prototype Steam controller, HDMI, USB and power cables and a removable Wi-Fi antenna module.

Valve have also made the machine fully serviceable, including disassembly instructions that allows testers to add some new features to the box.

Check out the images of the Steam Machines box at the links below. A video has also been posted on YouTube of an unboxing, which is also embedded below.

Source: RedditColbehrTumblr

Via: EnGadget

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