The British company, Plume Labs has this week revealed a new program to monitor air pollution in the UK.

Called Pigeon patrol UK, the company will strap air-quality sensors to their army of pigeon’s, and will then set them off to London’s skies to monitor the capitals nitrogen dioxide levels.

The company will then tweet out the results of this to its @PigeonAir Twitter account.

Today the first Pigeon took flight from Brick Lane in the East of London, with the sensor on the back.

This sensor weighs only 25 grams, so it still allows the pigeon to move around freely, and the bird will be followed by another pigeon that carries a mini GPS tracker to map the flocks route.

And to make the system interesting, you can even tweet the Twitter account for the program, and request it for a reading.

The founder of Plume Labs, Pierre Duquesnoy said that this project was inspired by the use of pigeons as information carriers in the first and second world wars, this was in a statement to the Guardian, in which he said:

“It is a health and environmental scandal for humans — and pigeons. We’re making the invisible visible.”

“Most of the time when we talk about pollution people think about Beijing or other places, but there are some days in the year when pollution was higher and more toxic in London than Beijing. That’s the reality.”

It’s certainly an interesting idea, and at least it will give you another Twitter account to follow.

Via: The Guardian

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