Don’t you just hate Djing with all those wires? Well I’m not much of a DJ myself, but I can imagine it could get annoying.

But calm down as Pioneer Electronics have just unveiled a new DJ system that could answer all your troubles, as it is completely wireless and can play tracks from smartphones, tablets and computers via a Wi-Fi connection.

But if you still need those wires the system can also play through USBs and Computers connected to it that include the Dj software, and even if you want to keep it wireless but have no internet connection you can still mix away, as the XDJ-Aero also has the ability to create its own wireless access point.

The system can even connect with up to four separate devices for media playback and can even play through audio ports for other players that don’t support the connections previously mentioned.

There is a catch however, the system will set you back around $1399, but if you have the cash you can pick one up this month.

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