Pioneer’s professional DJ products are well established within the DJ community, with more or less ever club using their decks as standard, “Our CDJ players are the established de-facto equipment in the professional DJ community and we’re making sure they stay that way by continuing to improve their functions and features,” said David Arevalo, senior marketing manager, Professional Sound and Visual Division for Pioneer Electronics.

And they are improving on this standard with the release of the CDJ-2000nexus, which features Wi-Fi connectivity, compatibility with Pioneer’s new rekordbox app for iPhone, iPad and the iPod Touch, alongside new features including Beat Sync, Wave Zoom and Slip, alongside a new selection screen interface for a better music searching experience, with increased visibility of the needle search pad and improved master tempo sound quality.

The CDJ-2000nexus will be the first DJ Player to include Wireless Source capabilities which can be used to stream music from your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or computer over a Wi-Fi connection, or if you prefer you can also plug-in a hard drive, USB drive or SD memory card to stream from.

Another new feature is compatibility with the rekordbox app, which will allow you to “create playlists, cue/loop points, beat location settings, waveform analysis and more”, alongside it you can also transfer content wirelessly via the app.

There’s also an included rekordbox music management software that can be installed on your computer and used to organise and catalog your music libraries, alongside music file analysis functions such as Wave Zoom and Key, as well as Active Loop and Hot Cue Auto Load settings./

The CDJ-2000nexus also includes a WQVGA 6.1 inch LCD display , with a 480 x 234 resolution and can be used for displaying detailed track information and album art. There’s also a new Pro DJ Link feature that allows you to link up to four other CDJ-2000nexus players via the Link Port, all of which can share a single music source and settings including Beat Sync, Traffic Light, Beat Count and Phase Meter, alongside new performance functions which include a new Slip Mode and Quantize functions.

Check out the video below for more information.

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