Pioneer has today unveiled a new set of headphones that look stylish and sleek. Dubbed the Pioneer SE-Master1, the new flagship headphones are handmade and offer super high-end acoustic abilities.

For that however you will have to pay a massive £1,700.

You do however get twin 50mm driver units with a 25 micrometer aluminium diaphragm, and both also feature Parker Ceramic Coating that improves the performance of the headphones.

Pioneer say that with all this the headphones can reproduce high-res audio of up to 85,000Hz from as low as 5GHz. They can also take input power 1,500mW, with an open-air dynamic design with a closed-front and open-back, with a duralumin, aluminium and leather build.

They also feature a 3-metre OFC litz wire cable with a gold-plated plug.

Each unit of the SE-Master1 will also come with its own individual number.

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